Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked. If you have a question not listed here or you would like further explanation please contact us.

What goods and services can be bought and sold?

Can I use BBX for all my purchases?

How do you guarantee new customers?

How do I account for the transactions I have made?

How do I know if I'm already operating at 100% capacity?

If I want something that is not available, What can I do?

What is the role of my dedicated account manager?

Can I charge part cash part BBX?

Is BBX income taxable?

How much should I charge or quote when I BBX it?

If I am selling my spare capacity when should I do the work?

Can I charge VAT in cash?

What is a BBX pound worth?

What is the Debt Reserve Fund (DRF)?

What are my consumer rights?

How much new business will you bring me?

How does the transaction take place?

How secure is the trading platform?

What is the structure of the business model?

How do I close my BBX account?

What is Spare Capacity?

Can I redeem my BBX euros for cash?

Our Fees - Explained

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