See how you can earn a monthly CASH residual income by spreading the BBX word.
Receive up to 20% of the revenue generated by the businesses you refer.
Ambassador Level Number of Account Holders Referred Percentage Reward Potential Monthly Residual Cash Income
Tinkerer 1 to 4 5% €7.50 to €30
Dabbler 5 to 50 10% €75 to €750
Trooper 51 to 100 12.5% €956.25 to €1,875
Captain 101 to 500 15% €2,272.50 to €11,250
Legend 501 to 1000 17.5% €13,151.25 to €26,250
Partner 1001 + 20% €30,030 +
* The above figures represent a guide only.

Introduce a Business Owner

We encourage partnering with existing account holders to refer new business owners to the BBX trading platform. All account holders can share in the revenue. This means you get the benefit of trading with more businesses and earn a residual income!

Anyone who refers a new business will receive 5% of the fees generated by that business’ BBX sales so long as both maintain a BBX account. Above is a scale detailing the potential earnings an Ambassador can earn on a MONTHLY basis. Based on worldwide account history we would expect the average account holder to trade approximately €1,316 worth of goods and services generating an average of €150 in fees each month*.

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