Our membership community connects entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and leaders in business. We take their business to the cloud we provide a world-class video production and video marketing support.

What Business Video Club Is All About

We are changing the business video industry, making it accessible and affordable for every business like never before.

How to apply?

It is simple and easy:

1. Choose a membership that best suits your business.

 2. Start a serious Video Strategy Experience with the Business Video Club.

3. Save THOUSANDS on video production, editing, and video hosting.
Why paying wages if you can have a whole team looking after your business video work-load on demand!?

Membership: BVC DIFM


3 stock videos per month

1 Video Marketing on STEROIDS per month

Branded Video Player

1080p / 4k Video Resolution

Project Turnaround up to 10 working days

1 Virtual Presenter

Online Booking

For only £106,80 BBX per year!

 For enquiries contact Gabriel Rossi on 0203 356 9777 or email info@businessvideoclub.co.uk

Alternatively, call Fabio from BBX on 07455 573 537